Make Money online from Blogging

Do you like to write?  Do you have spare time to write 500 to 1000 words a day? You can work from home and make money online!  All you have to do is set up a blog!  Blogging is a free and easy way to make money. Here you can learn how to make money online from blogging.

There are several blogging services available. Some charge money and some are free. I would recommend using a free service when you are starting out. I would recommend using either WordPress or Blogger. While they both are free services, WordPress requires that you have your own domain name and hosting, while Blogger hosts the blog and lets you choose from available domain names.

While you are deciding on which service to use, it is imperative that you have something to write about.

If you don’t already have something that you want to blog about, get out a pad of paper and pencil and start jotting down ideas that you could write about.

Some ideas for your blog could be:

Motivational Ideas
Local news
Product reviews
Local high school sports
Your homework! (If you’re really good at chemistry, start a blog to explain your assignments and help other people)
Cooking recipes
Funny situations/signs
Selling valuable keepsakes
Your hobby/past time
Your international experiences
Anything else you can think of!
Decide what your blog will be about before you sign up for one. Why? Because you will want your blog name and domain to be related to your topic, search engines like that.

Once you have signed up for a blogging service, you are ready to begin working from home by blogging! If you signed up through blogger, it will ask you for the title of the blog and the domain name you would like to use. Once you have done that it will ask you to choose a template. It gives about 8 templates to choose from, so just pick the one you think would be the best fit for your blog.

Both Blogger and WordPress allow you to save your blog posts before you publish them. While it is possible to have a successful blog only posting something once a week, most successful bloggers post something at least once every day.

I know it can be hard to write consistently every day, but it is worth it. If you can’t write every day, don’t worry, you can still post something every day. Just write a couple at a time and then post them on separate days. Blogger lets you save your post without publishing it on the blog. If your service doesn’t let you, then just save it in a word document and copy and paste it on the blog when you want to post.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to just writing on a blog either. You could post videos or audio files to your posts as well and save yourself some writing.

Now for the good stuff, monetization! The simplest and easiest way to make money on your blog is by using Google adsense. If you have a blogger account, they make it even easier. If you are on Blogger all you have to do is to click on the “Monetize” tab and apply for and allow Google Adsense ads on your blog.

How does Adsense work? Google looks at the content of your blog and will put automatically put ads that relate to your site’s content. When your blog’s visitors click on the ads Google will pay you based on what the advertisers are paying them per ad. Advertisers will give Google their ads and pay them for each click they get on their ad. For each ad that is clicked on your blog you get a 40% commission (Google gets the other 60% paid to them by the advertiser).

But don’t forget that the most important thing is to have something to say. The more content you have the more Google Adsense has to pull from to put on your blog and the more organic search results you’ll get over time.

So let’s get to it and start to make money online from working at home!


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