Make Money Online with Freelance jobs

If you don’t like to work in a 3×3 cubicle and would like to work from home, then you can do free lance jobs. With the help of Internet, you can get a free lance job from anywhere in the world. Many companies started hiring freelancers to reduce their costs. Lets learn how you can make money online with freelance jobs.

How to start

In order to get start, you need to register yourself on several freelance sites online. There are many sites available that offers freelancing jobs. Some of the popular sites which offers freelance jobs are,, There are still many more.

Employers will upload the summary of the project for which they want to hire freelancers. Those who are interested can bid or apply to those projects. Once you have applied, you will contacted if you are selected and the discussion of the project will be made and the work will get started.

Elance jobs
Elance jobs

Cost of joining freelance sites

You can register for free on most sites. However, there are some websites that charge you for bidding,commissions on earnings. With Elance you can have free bids of upto10 per month. The table below provides the different costs and fee of popular freelance sites.

Fee structure of Freelance sites
Fee structure of Freelance sites

Mode of payment

Payment will be released to your account once the work is over satisfying both the parties.

How to get selected with many freelancers outside

When you create the profile, you should make sure that your profile attracts the employer. You need to highlight your strenghts, training experience, accomplishments. Normally, clients don’t just normally go for the lowest bidder but take qualifications and experience into consideration as well. Some sites post a freelancer’s rating or ranking and show feedbacks from previous clients you have worked with.You as a provider can be evaluated on how well you respond to the client’s needs, your timeliness, and the quality of your final output. In turn you can also evaluate a client on how well they communicated their expectations and how quickly they paid you. This system helps you win projects in the future, so make sure you do your job well.

Skills that are in demand

Below is a list of some of the job categories employers are posting opportunities in:

Software programmers (HTML, Java, Joomla, SQL, Windows, etc.)
Web developers
Mobile app developers
Designers (web, graphic, logo, etc.)
Legal staff
Data entry/processing experts
Office administrators
Event planners
Writers (web content, blog, speech, business, press release, newsletter, article, etc.)
Editors (copy, sound, film)
Music composers

For those with steady employment, freelance work can be a great way to make extra money online without conflicting with regular work and for others it can be a source of their primary income with unlimited potential.

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